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Quick! What do you think when hearing the name AniBlaze? (Trying to come up with mascot ideas) 

2 deviants said Marijuana. Blaze it faggots!
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Jul 2, 2015
7:29 pm
Jul 2, 2015
7:10 pm
Jul 2, 2015
4:17 pm
Jul 1, 2015
5:03 pm
Jul 1, 2015
10:38 am
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This is here because Tumblr pisses me off and other than having the fucknoequality blog (it was a joke my roommate and I came up with to make and doesn't post anything people), or submitting things to the other blogs, I really don't like going on there. And I stopped posting my opinions on FB because like everyone wants to debate. Can't I just like post what I think up and discuss without it turning into a full out heated argument that gives me a headache and makes me want to punch someone through the fucking computer? Anyway, so that's why I'll post small opinions here and there.  


Just my two cents on gay marriage after looking on the news lately. 

I get that you have your rights and all and okay, have fun with that. I don't agree with it of course because upbringing and personal morals/beliefs, but I'm not going to argue or insult you on it. HOWEVER, when you personally go to a church that you KNOW is Christian, that you full out KNOW doesn't believe in that, and start a god damn argument with a mob to back you up in order to get them to marry you when you could just as easily go to a church that does support it or even a courthouse, then you're not asking for rights. You're just trying to start a damn fight, cause things, and overturn everything anyone else believes in. 

Like, have your rights. But keep your damn rights to yourself, don't force Christians with traditions, or any other religion for that matter to change their ways for your rights. If they're insulting you? That's one thing. If they want to follow their bible and refrain from supporting you though? GO THE FUCK SOMEWHERE ELSE. There is no damn reason you have to go to a Christian Church and force them to marry you. There's plenty of other churches/places that will do it!

That's the thing about this gay marriage and other 'equality' movements. Some of it is for real with people just wanting to feel equal and have the same as everyone else, yeah. But some of it? Some of it is fucking two-sided as hell and is just a facade for taking out religion and traditions. Some of it is just something certain people hide behind to start fights because they don't like Religion or they don't like beliefs and they want them gone. 

If you want equality? Then give it in return, otherwise STFU. We who have biblical beliefs won't push ours on you (except for JWs going door to door, but they never FORCE you to listen, they just offer) if you don't push yours on us. I don't support gay marriage because I believe in gods laws (am I still going to die at the end of the world? Probably, I'm too obsessed with fantasy/magic aka the occult and am a horrible person.) But I still hold to most of the biblical values that I CAN. But other than answering with my opinion when asked, I'm not going to force it down you and say you're going to hell for your beliefs. I'm just gonna sit back on my computer making snide remarks to myself or anyone in the room where no one can actually hear about it. But to a gay person? I'll hold my tongue.

The certain groups that have a vendetta against religion and only use this rights thing as an excuse to retaliate though need to go fucking jump in a ditch. It's obvious what they're doing. With the flag too. I fucking hate the flag and the United States it represents. But even I can say leave it the fuck alone. Turning it rainbow? You don't change a historical item you fucks. I hate the flag, but I still wouldn't change it. 

But yeah.. You can have your rights, you can have your sexuality and be who you are. But the moment you try to force it on to me and try to make me change? Or force me into a debate? Or get mad because I also have my opinions and beliefs that I'm not even really telling you until you force me TO tell you? That's when I'm going to fucking kick your ass. Because then you're being a damn hypocrite and I won't stand for it.

As they once said, live and let live. Not live my way or the highway. 

...That's all I have to say on that.

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That moment someone blocks and removes you off FB and Skype but leaves you on DA just because you drew them stuff in the past that you can remove. -- That's okay! I love being used! </sarcasm>
So the good news.. I can finally use my giant ass new tablet. The bad news... my glasses broke (4 year old prescription) so now I'm using my old glasses (5-6 year old prescription) until I can go get an eye exam today with a new prescription and send off for new glasses. Sometimes it costs effort being a nerd. Lol. (*shotforunfunnyjoke*)
Ughhh so much things I want to draw (like animatics and stuff) but can't. Muust make it to end of semester first. Only 2-3 more weeks @_@ Go away inspiration, please come again another day.
Okay! Enough procrastinating this week! Homework time >.> DA, just like.. go away for now and stop tempting me!


There. Cleared.
Wed Apr 29, 2015, 3:20 PM
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Wed Apr 29, 2015, 3:19 PM


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