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Mar 4, 2015
3:26 am
Mar 4, 2015
1:16 am
Mar 3, 2015
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Mar 3, 2015
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Mar 3, 2015
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That feeling you get when someone names their character a name based on something that does not make sense. 

1 deviant said But WTF
1 deviant said Does she even KNOW what the term Asura means?
1 deviant said I at least researched it before naming Asura, Asura.
No deviants said ARRRGH I know I do not own the name!
No deviants said Or the language it is from?
No deviants said The mythology it falls under?
No deviants said Like aaaaargh.
No deviants said She at least fits the term meaning.
No deviants said But this idiot names her CHARACTER(tulpa) that, without even thinking of meanings. Just "he is real so blah"
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Midterms joy. Have I mentioned how much I hate IT Analysis class? It's more business than computers. My major is computer science NOT business >.>

Also since no one caught my Kiriban (that makes me a sad Phoenix). Instead I'll do this. First 5 people to comment this journal will get a sketch/possibly colored request. I'll need details of what I'm drawing though.

KEEP IN MIND, there are limits to what I draw. No Hentai or NSFW stuff (nude or suggestive like pin-ups is fine (lolkurai). NO gay/tran/sexuality stuff. This doesn't mean I won't draw a gay/tran character, stuff like that's fine. But I WON'T draw them being gay/tran like kissing or changing (unless it's a comedy gender bend) or stuff like that. Sorry but that's for personal reasons to allow me to have a clean conscience with Jehovah. As such, I will also draw nothing blasphemous. That's all. Request human, pony, ref sheet, comic page, whatever you want. Keep in mind I do still have college to balance.

1. HinataFox790 
2. arkeis-pokemon
3. ACPawz
4. SpreadsheetMaster 
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...I've been nominated for The National Technical Honor Society for my 4.0 last semester...

It's somewhat shocking and sort of funny.. I set the 4.0 goal for myself last year as just a way to keep myself in check.. I'm a procrastinator (it should be obvious). So by setting myself such a high and impossible goal, I made sure that I wouldn't allow myself to slack off or procrastinate. At least that was my original intention...

As I got towards the end of that semester it became more and more of something I wanted. Something I had to have to prove myself and gain some acknowledgement from family. The acknowledgement that I lost when I dropped out of High School and lost my goal of being the first in my family to graduate to my cousin. (I failed and couldn't handle it, and so she was the first one to graduate). The acknowledgement that I never really had... being called retarded, worthless, and all of that crap my entire life growing up.

Uh... anyways. So anyways I made that goal last semester and then the tables kind of turned now.. Everyone who told me I was being unrealistic last semester.. Everyone who told me not to be too disappointed if I didn't make that goal... And now I not only made President's List at the college but got nominated for this? ...Well I guess the jokes on them now...

Though I still don't feel as if I've accomplished anything.. I won't feel like it until I've graduated with a 4.0 (hah unrealistic). Hell, with my self esteem and self worth, I probably won't ever feel like it. Thanks family.

But yeah.. I was nominated. Yay?
Now I should go back to the HW to keep it up this semester.
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So I went clothes shopping yesterday. (OMG really? Hikaru actually willingly clothes shopping? It must be a sign of the apocalypse!)

Eh.. I like strange and unusual pieces or things out of this world. Or medieval. Or Renaissances. Or cool.. Or punk. ...I just don't like REGULAR clothe shopping. Now that's just too girly-girl and I will never understand how people can look at shoes for 5 hours (my sister). THAT is just crazy. Lol.


So I went to Spencers and then Psycho Sisters (a store at Little 5 Points.)

FIRST!  What I got at Spencers. Space <3 (I love all things space, scifi, fantasy, etc.)

A space-starlike-nebula skirt and a galaxy print bucket hat. <3
The skirt I can't find online (It was on sale and only one there?)
But the bucket hat which I love can be found at…
Skirt is MUCH too short (it's freakin' lingerie). But I can layer it over jeans or something~

THEN! I found this at Psycho Sisters and just HAD to have it. It was the only one there. And I was like OMG MEDIEVAL GOTHIC DRESS MINE! ..And yeah. It's SLIGHTLY too big for me. But we can fix that with some metal rings (grommets?) and black ribbon to the back to let it be tightened!

So yeah.. Space themed and Gothic Medieval. Definitely a great find!
....Now to get back to Homework.
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So uh.. I got the check with the cash I was waiting for...

And basically since I'll be buying the Wacom 27HD I may POSSIBLY be selling my Wacom Cintiq 12WX (Maybe, I'm not sure if I can part with it yet or not *hoarder mentality*) But if I do...

Who's interested and what are your offers?

I bought the Wacom Cintiq 12 WX back when I turned 21. It was my 21st birthday present (most get cars I get a cintiq lol, fail.) Anyways. It was NOT brand new. I lucked out with the Cintiq. I found it on Craiglist for $500 where normally they're $1000 brand new. This guy had bought it for a FA degree in animation and had it for 2 years. When he got the degree he no longer needed it (since he went into web design??? Lol) And so he was selling the tablet. Well I showed family and they all contributed to getting it for me for my 21st birthday. And that's the story of that Tablet.

So ... If I end up selling it, it is not brand new. Know that. I dunno where I put the CDs or extra pin nibs either. So it'd most likely just be the pen, pen stand, cords and tablet itself.

Also, there's two light scratches from my stupidity. When I bought it I didn't think to take my ring off and learned quickly from that mistake. Other than that though, it's been a great thing.

...But yeah if you're interested, state your offer here and we'll see what happens when I buy the new tablet.

Spring 2015 College Semester Schedule

Check here to know my schedule for when I'm available.

CIST 1220 Structured Query Language SQL: Monday 5:30PM - 7:15PM
CIST 2351 PHP Programming I: Monday 5:30pm - 7:15PM
CIST 2921 IT Analysis Design&Project Management: ONLINE
POLS1101 Political Science/American Government: ONLINE


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