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Favorite Maruchan Ramen? (Mine's Chilli) 

5 deviants said Beef
3 deviants said Chilli
2 deviants said Chicken
2 deviants said Creamy Chicken
1 deviant said Shrimp (yuck)
No deviants said Oriental
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Homework and the second semester of college has consumed my mortal soul! ...That is all.
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No one ever wants to use my ask Tumblr's, and even if they did there's only one for Ember Bright and Hikaru anyways... So instead of bothering with that. I'll just give you the option here. Ask ANY of my characters from Shatteredverse, things, anything you want to know of them, ask it.

Comment here and I'll draw the responses later. It's basically a Tumblr ask blog without the tumblr lol.

See thedigitalphoenix.deviantart.c… for A LOT more information.
Note: Naki and Zeeke aren't on the images or dolls as I just requested them on-site this year and have yet to draw them.
Shattered Planes Character Lineup Chibis by TheRebelPhoenix
Hikaru Tyris
(Phoenix Dragon Sage, but mostly Phoenix, thousands of years old, prideful arrogant dictator.)
Hikari Tyris (Dormant Phoenix Dragon Sage killed to become an angel, looks to be late teens, pacifist)
Kurai Tyris (Negi Phoenix Dragon Sage, same age as Hikaru, sociopathic masochist sadist that's a psychotically insane slut)
Kotah and Ezael Tyris (Phoenix Dragon Sage twin sons of Hikaru, they appear 15/16, Brainwashed confused twin successors to the Embodiment of Destruction)
Kuro Tyris Stone (Negi Phoenix Dragon Sage with half Narrikian, Child, Mindless Doll of Kurai from the product of her raping a visitor to her planet of Cruor)
Sirin Tyris Umbrear "Rin" (Negi Phoenix with Dragon dormant, 8 but appears teen, Fucked up in the head kid with an obsession of talking in third person)
Relle Kalypsis (Pure Phoenix Sage, thousands of years old but appears 18, Phoenix that acts mortal)
Rev and Gen (Incarnation of Revelation Magic and Incarnation of Genesis Magic, 10 year old empire leaders, Kids that run an Empire that are naive of life skills but a huge knowledge of magic and technology)
Cheshire (Battle ARI ((Augmented Reality Intelligence)) based on myths, legends, and other fairy tales, tends to be bipolar in her actions due to her programming, Newborn, appears teens, Self-Aware Battle ARI)
Asura (EMBODIMENT OF TIME, Old as the beginning of time, The figurative form of the literal force of Time given sentience, completely neutral on everything.)
Gwyn and Satya (Gwyn as Unicorn Sage, Satya as SENTIENT TAUTOLOGY, Shares the same body which appears early 20s, Possessed Unicorn Sage possessed by a Tautology ((antibody of existence)) )
Treena (Planetary Spirit of Earth, As old as Earth, Mother Earth/Gaia/Terra/Jord/Mother Nature, Pacifist)
Fido (Aralian War Dog, 30s in human years 133 in dog years, Killed and became an Angel, partner of Hikari)
Naki and Zeeke (Naki is a dunce Summoner who was kicked out of her Order for failing at life, she appears in her teens, Complete Idiot. Zeeke is her white cat familiar who lives to insult his master.)
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I'm not sure if anyones interested in these. But I was looking at some of my old posts on a roleplay site that wasn't Shatteredverse (Or Opposing Kingdoms/Galactic Empires/Shatteredplanes and any other incarnations of SV). Just when.. I used to make RPs or join others RPs and had like 1 or a few characters instead of a ton of them to constantly keep up.

I'm sharing them because I wanna try to take more pride in my writing... As I consider a lot of these 'good.'

1. Tranquility Bay RP:
Heard of Tranquility Bay? That facility that was once in Jamacia that parents sent bad kids to to behave, setting them up to be kidnapped? There were rumors of torture there and kids coming back as brainwashed robots to society. Well.. I decided to make an RP about it lol.
It was just some harmless fun...

The thought flashed through Alexis's mind as she was led away silently by three particularly large men that that made Arnold Schwarzenegger look like a monk. Handcuffed, and forced along by them, Alexis dared take one glance back to the house she was leaving. Soon wishing, she hadn't. Her parents were there in the doorway, waving her on, with SMILES! They had just sentenced their daughter to hell on earth, and they were smiling!

Alexis couldn't believe it, kidnapping, that's what it was! And as she was roughly pushed into the back of a bright orange van that had the ironic picture of a tropical paradise, Alexis cursed the parents that had set it up. Didn't they care? Obviously not if they were smiling. They probably truly believed that this was the last resort, the only way they could make their daughter behave. Alexis didn't agree. Any organization that had to kidnap a teenager, could not be trusted

Left in darkness, as the door was shut, Alexis only caught the last part of the men's conversation before her memories consumed her.

"....go to pick up the others."

2. When Worlds Gently Bump Together: Someone elses RP, it was basically this random RP about a diner where all kinds of random people come together, some crazy, some not. There was no character template, just a 'jump right in' kinda deal. This was fun to play because I decided to test my writing and use a character with split personality (Now DID, sorry if it offends, but it's fiction..) just to try something new. These are the two posts I had in it.

Sounds of crashing and banging suddenly erupted from the kitchen to the diner, plates could be heard as they fell to the floor and shattered into millions of pieces. Finally it was all followed by a loud shrieking yowl; Then all was silent.

Minutes later a pair of golden eyes appeared out the door, along with the girl they belonged to. Short in stance, but holding a sharp glare that would intimidate any who dare cross her; she seemed to be wiping her hand off on a bloodstained napkin. In fact, her clothes which consisted of black shorts, black and white t-shirt, and a black hoodie; all of it seemed to be soaked in scarlet. The only thing that didn't seem to catch blood, was her hair; and it was a mess, pale blond and standing on end.

"Caught that rat ya wanted Gerrald." The girl called out, her eyes sweeping the Diner as she tossed the bloodied napkin into the nearest trash. "It's in the back, waiting to be stewed. Don't forget to pay me!" As she said this, the girls pupils turned to slits, very much cat-like.

Catching sight of Seth, she walked over to the counter and hoisted herself up over it, falling into an empty seat beside him. As she did this, her hair finally fell to its usual style, shoulder length and feathered on the ends. "Are you friend or foe?" The girl asked, more like accused, as she spun around to face Seth, her eyes burning into his. However before receiving her answer, the girl blinked and laughed, her whole attitude doing a turn around. "Just kidding. Don't mind Seyra, she looooooves to scare off the new people! But she's really a softy inside!"

"I am not!" The girl shouted, her eyes to slits again, as she yelled at what seemed to be herself.

"Are too, and you know it." The girl replied again, the grin back across her face, as a sound much like purring could be heard. "Anyways, you can call me Aryes."


"And I don't like pompous old men, but you don't see me complaining!" The girl, obviously Seyra at this time, snapped back .

Eyes back to slits, she stared at the yarn ball distastefully. What did he think she was? A mere kitten? Still, she couldn't help but watch as it fell to the ground under her. It's round spherical shape and many threads of different colors, calling out to her, just asking to be pounced upon and dragged across the room......No!

Seyra was more mature than that, she was a Werecat by god, and would NOT be lulled by a simple ball of yarn.

Tearing her eyes away from the obsession of all cats, a low growl escaped her which just made her other self, Aryes burst into giggles right after. "He got you there sis."

Choosing not to answer herself, and seeing that she wasn't going to be served, Seyra took it upon herself to jump up on the counter and grab the dwarf's cake, before retreating back to her seat. "Sure! Cake would be lovely"

"That's not nice," Aryes answered right after.

3. Magocracy: Last but not least, this is an RP idea I had for a long time and decided to introduce on that site. It's one I might actually bring back and restart with more details this time. Maybe even make it one of those DeviantART RP Group RPs if there's enough interest in it. Of course, it never really got up off the ground so this one long post is all I managed to post in it. I believe it had potential.
Roleplay Idea:…

Erin wasn't exactly what you would call normal. But then again, what Imaginist was? Fueled by day dreams, and living through art. That was the life the Imaginists lived, and Erin was no exception. She lived by no limits but the end of creativity. She took joy in retreating to her inner worlds in the face of boredom, and like any mage with the gift of the Akashic, Erin absolutely loved magic!

Through magic, she could will creation to her finger tips. She could bring forth the voices in her head, and she could materialize her inner desires. But there was one thing she couldn't do. Escape reality.

"I wonder if she noticed yet..." High atop a nearby tree, a girl sat in between the many branches of greenery. A grin struck her face, with an eruption of giggles that followed. Hand on the nearest branch, keeping her balance, the girl slowly inched farther along the branch she was on, first one leg, then the other. When she was completely sure she had the right position, the girl dropped herself backwards, and hung by her legs, from the branch, surveying the scene below.

Down on the ground, a woman ran the yarded grass frantically, her voice calling out in terror. "ERIN! WHERE ARE YOU! Dammit all! where has that girl gone?!"

This just served to cause more silent laughter from the girl, Erin. As she watched this lady. She had been up there but a few minutes, and already, the hag was searching for her. It was funny, even if it was cruel. Continuing to watch the lady from her perch, Erin held out her hand, closed her eyes and envisioned the brightest red her mind could allow her; seeing it in a sphere shape, which soon took a more heart shape on the bottom, solidified, and then ripened to become the fruit she was thinking of.

Weight filled her hand, and in a split second, she was munching on the fruit, its appearance that of an apple, but its taste, not the same. It was always that way, Erin could NEVER seem to imagine the taste as well as the image. And for this reason, the hag below had held her back in her lessons. When Erin longed for the more daunting tasks of bringing weapons to life, she couldn't, for the rules brought upon her by her master.

But Erin had the last laugh in the end, if her master wanted to keep her confined in studies all day. Erin would just give her the fright of her life.

The whole town had been on frantic alert, with many mage of all kinds dying. For this reason, Erin knew the thoughts that would flood the woman's mind, as she watched her look hopelessly for the young apprentice.

Suddenly, the calls stopped and the woman's voice faded. Confused at this, Erin looked around. Her master was nowhere in sight. Where had she gone? It was much too early for her to be giving up yet. All the other times Erin had at least gotten about a half a days laughs before revealing herself. This wasn't normal.

Attempting to swing herself back up, Erin felt the branch began to crack beneath her weight. Uh-oh, Barely having a split second to react, Erin began to fall, branch and everything, right into the restraining arms of her master. Looking into the aged face of the woman that took her, Erin's grin changed into the look of knowing; Knowing she was in trouble.

"I knew if I waited, you'd be here." The middle-aged woman smirked. Her hair was in a tight bun, of auburn hair, and she wore an olive-colored gown. But the most striking thing about her, were the wrinkles. Not a very attractive, and for her age, not very becoming.

But looks apart, Erin knew she was the second most powerful Imaginist of them all. Known for her high class of perception. The woman could take such control of her thoughts, that she could image a myriad of things, and keep the focus up for an infinite amount of time. She was what all Imaginists dreamed of becoming. And this was the reason Erin had chosen to sell herself to the family.

Yes, Erin was mortal. She was born to a mortal family, and they were known for their disgust of magic. In fact, they were a bit racist when it came to magic. Her father the worse of them all. He had long ago given up his rights as an Astralists, one of the highest ones! He'd stupidly seen it as a stupid occupation, and had left his family before being able to contract. For this, his children suffered.

Because of her fathers foolish path, her and her many siblings had been forced to sell themselves to mage families in order to become higher class. As mortals they were made fun of, by the many mage children, and at once settled out to find their calling. All of her siblings had gone to different castes, But Erin had chosen the Imaginists. She had always loved art, and the beauty of what her thoughts could bring her. But it wasn't enough. If Erin wanted to stand high in society, she had to be trained by the best! And this was why she was now in the arms of a lady she hated.

All she had to do was put up with the lessons of the woman, and she would someday reap the fruits and become the highest Imaginist possible. She had the talent, the lady had said it. But she had also told Erin, she would not tolerate goofing off, and meaningless pranks. For Erin, this was her life. The two DID NOT get along.

"I know, I know. I'm in trouble, Right?" Erin stifled, her wolf-gray eyes staring up, as she tried not to look in disgust at the wrinkles. It was hard, they moved like fat folds when the lady talked. It made Erin want to puke, but she controlled herself.

"Oh, you're in for more then that!" The lady snapped. "Skipping out on a lesson. Hiding out, making me worry frantic honest to the records, hair falling-out thoughts, AND for what?! Your ridiculous little pranks!"

Erin flinched. She'd done it this time. Her master had used about 3 ways to describe her worry, in one shout. That was never a good sign. "But I practiced see!" Reaching for the apple, only to realize it wasn't there, Erin's grin quickly turned to a frown as her master looked at her with impatience. Damn! It must have fell somewhere when she had fallen. "Uh, nevermind. So how long am I grounded?"

"Until I say. I will also be tripling your lessons."
With that, the woman let Erin down to the ground, and walked off, expecting the young girl to follow; which she did.

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Yeah yeah, deal with it.

Real name: Regina Marie Richards Reim (Parents never married, two last names, etc.)
Nicknames: Gina, Call me Reggie and you die.
Gender: Female
Birthday: August 18, 1990
Height: 5'1"
Favorite color: Red, Gold, Black, Hot Pink, in that order.
Date and Time right now: January 18, 2015 9:47 PM
Average hours of sleep: As many as I want. Sometimes over 12, sometimes 4, sometimes 24... whenever I feel like getting up.
Last thing I googled: "does a taser knock you out?" (It was for a roleplay thing)
One place that makes me happy: My Computer/Internet ... that counts dammit!
How many blankets I sleep under: As many as it takes to get warm.
Favorite fictional character: Either Luna from MLP, Vash and Rem from Trigun, or Aragorn from Lord of the Rings ... Then of course there's Elly from Xenogears, The entire Animorphs cast.. and ummm .. do I have to pick just one?
Favorite beverage: Hot Chocolate
Favorite Food: Fettuchini Alfredo or Quesadillas. I also love all things spicy.
The last movie I saw in Theaters: Enders Game, I think.
Dream Vacation: I don't like vacations much but I wouldn't mind going back to England. That was my favorite vacation I've ever had.
Dream Wedding: ...That requires commitment, I don't even think about a wedding. Or love for that matter.
Dream Job:
CERTIFIED ETHICAL HACKER (with revenge hacking on the side and programming) ...And Animator so I can animate Shatteredverse.

Spring 2015 College Semester Schedule

Check here to know my schedule for when I'm available.

English 1101: ONLINE
CIST 1220 Structured Query Language SQL: Monday 5:30PM - 7:15PM
CIST 2351 PHP Programming I: Monday 5:30pm - 7:15PM
CIST 2921 IT Analysis Design&Project Management: ONLINE
POLS1101 Political Science/American Government: ONLINE


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