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Apr 24, 2015
6:51 pm
Apr 24, 2015
6:04 am
Apr 23, 2015
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Apr 23, 2015
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Apr 20, 2015
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Do you ever feel awkward playing the opposite gender when roleplaying? (Honest question, SJWs, beat it.) 

3 deviants said I can play any gender, boy, girl, both.
1 deviant said Totally. I feel like I'm not playing the gender right, and the other RPers of that gender are judging me for it.
1 deviant said Not really, there's not that many differences, just wing it if you have to.
No deviants said Yeah, but I hide it and just try anyways.
No deviants said Too many differences, hard to tell if you're doing the character justice especially when it comes to things like love/sex/flirting that you don't know about due to not being that gender.


Ughhh so much things I want to draw (like animatics and stuff) but can't. Muust make it to end of semester first. Only 2-3 more weeks @_@ Go away inspiration, please come again another day.
Okay! Enough procrastinating this week! Homework time >.> DA, just like.. go away for now and stop tempting me!
Ugh I need to make another call-out blog. That blog was what I used to de-stress and get things off my mind. =(
Someone drag me off the Shattered Planes archives!!!! I need to do HW >.< Gah.
It's not just the Booth-Babes ban either. It's just everything. Social Justice Warriors think they can attack any and everything and change the world how they want it. Policing words, killing the fun of things, all for 'equality'. It's not equality when you freakin' ban everything to the point people have to speak like robots just to be politically correct. You want that equality? Well I say FUCK YOU. 1984 wasn't meant to be a reference manual.

Spring 2015 College Semester Schedule

Check here to know my schedule for when I'm available.

CIST 1220 Structured Query Language SQL: Monday 5:30PM - 7:15PM
CIST 2351 PHP Programming I: Monday 5:30pm - 7:15PM
CIST 2921 IT Analysis Design&Project Management: ONLINE
POLS1101 Political Science/American Government: ONLINE


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