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lolwut :icontherebelphoenix:TheRebelPhoenix 5 2 Character re-design concepts :icontherebelphoenix:TheRebelPhoenix 5 0 Prez Twi Sketch :icontherebelphoenix:TheRebelPhoenix 5 0 Sketch Dump 3 - February to March 2017 :icontherebelphoenix:TheRebelPhoenix 9 0 Cyber Security Presentation 2 (Hacking 101) :icontherebelphoenix:TheRebelPhoenix 1 0 Cyber Security Presentation 1 (Hacking 101) :icontherebelphoenix:TheRebelPhoenix 1 0 No... :icontherebelphoenix:TheRebelPhoenix 12 0
Maybe I'm a fuck up
Maybe I'm screwed in the head
Maybe your life would be better
If I was gone and dead
The thought has been tempting
But fear is in the way,
The thought of not being here,
To see another day
I know they want me gone,
To see me suffer
They want me to fail,
But I just get tougher
I rebel and I push,
My way through my fate,
Dropping the Useless,
and Destroying those I hate,
You may think me heartless,
You may think I'm insane,
That just proves the mask works,
The veil that hides my pain.
I've gone this far,
And lost everyone,
Pushed them away,
Just to say "I've won."
Yet there's a reason they say, it's lonely at the top.
Because life may be successful,
But without people...
You'll drop.
No one to talk to.
No one to share with.
No friends there, to guide your fall.
No allies to rely on or call.
It's just you,
You and the fake side you show.
The side the people in person, get to know.
It's not the real you, no it never is.
Just a facade, you throw up for biz.
The real you'
:icontherebelphoenix:TheRebelPhoenix 3 1
Catsy Gains Her Determination :icontherebelphoenix:TheRebelPhoenix 6 0 CSU Cyber Security Awareness Poster Fall 2016 :icontherebelphoenix:TheRebelPhoenix 2 0 Year of the Rooster Hippalectryon Adopt - [OPEN] :icontherebelphoenix:TheRebelPhoenix 29 7 Sketch Dump 2 2016 - 2017 :icontherebelphoenix:TheRebelPhoenix 8 0 Sketch Dump 1 2016 - 2017 :icontherebelphoenix:TheRebelPhoenix 7 0 Various Chibi's :icontherebelphoenix:TheRebelPhoenix 5 0 Littlest Angel Pony Auction [CLOSED] :icontherebelphoenix:TheRebelPhoenix 20 6 Pathfinder Character: Catsy Avalon Mistfyre :icontherebelphoenix:TheRebelPhoenix 4 0



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Chibi Your Character Here
Chibi Your Character Here. Flat colored only, 500 if shaded.


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I'm not dead! Just very very busy. If I don't resist the urge to draw, my grades may go down, and due to work I'm already behind this semester.

So uhh Meme stolen from Sinamuna As for where she got it... I dunno? Ask her.

A — Age: 26 (Going on 27 August 18th)
B — Biggest fear: Death, things that cause death like heart attacks, aneurysms, etc. I have hypochondriasis, so yeah...
C — Current time: 6:09 PM
D — Drink you last had: Dr. Pepper
E — Every day starts with:  Depends on if it's a work/school day or not. If it is "Fuck! What time is it?" If it's not... *wakes up at 4-5pm in the day time and gets on computer*
F — Favorite song:
I don't really have a favorite song.. but my favorite band is Breaking Benjamin
G — Ghosts, are they real: I believe they are... My Religion I was raised in says they're just demons in disguise. But... I don't know. I've seen things and experienced paranormal things too much to not not believe.
H — Hometown: Phoenix Arizona
I — In love with: Classified
J — Jealous of: Classified
K — Killed Someone/something: I don't remember this, but my family says when I was a toddler I put a kitten in the washing machine. As horrifying as that is.. Other than that, I'm about as pacifist as they come with killing. I can't stand it when NPCs in books/games/roleplay die, even though some of my characters are killers. I start to wonder, what the other characters or the NPCs family feel... Odd I know.
L — Last time you cried: The other week. IRL crap.
M — Middle name: Marie
N — Number of siblings: 2 Elder sisters, 1 younger half brother. There's been adopted out siblings cause' my mother was a druggie, but I dunno them.
O — One wish: To get my friends of the roleplay back... And/or join the NSA. But the second is more of a goal...
P — Person you last called/texted: My friend Kaleb
Q — Questions you’re always asked: "Why do you act this way?"
R — Reasons to smile: I don't smile... Unless I'm laughing and it's an accident or attempting a grin in a selfie. ...I don't smile.
T — Time you woke up: 5:45pm
U — Underwear color: Black
V — Vacation destination: England or Japan. Been to England, kinda want to go back.
W — Worst habit: Doodling on everything. I turn in my HW or class work and there's doodles all over the margins. For personality.. .I guess my habit to get hurt an retaliate. I'm working on that though...
X — X-rays you’ve had: Too many to count. Due to being a Hypochondriac and going to the hospital over 300 times a year. I've had CT Scans, MRI's, and X-Rays to the point I'm probably due for cancer.
Y — Your favorite food: Fettuccine Chicken Alfredo
Z — Zodiac sign: Leo, ruling planet the sun, element of fire, starstone ruby, color of gold. Year of the Horse, and birthstone peridot.

Journal History

More Cyber Security Presentations and Information Yes/No? Are people actually interested in Ethical Hacking? 

10 deviants said Yes
3 deviants said No
3 deviants said All hacking is bad! There is no ethical! (If you choose this, you are ignorant.)


When you're so stressed you order a glass of wine when out to eat with friends, but you get drunk off it because you forget you weigh only 85lbs. Oops. Oh well.
I don't understand the party life or night club culture... like I came with my roommate and I just... don't get it? Like the music is loud you can't hear yourself talk, yet people are talking to each other even though they possibly can't hear what the other is saying...

All they are doing is standing around with alcohol and talking...

Then I get approached by two guys who try to say hi and my first reaction mentally in my thoughts is just like 'who are you, why are you talking to me? This is awkward wtf'.

Yeah.... I just don't get it.

What is fun about this? What's the point? What do people get out of this?
Possible Discord comic idea I've been sitting on for a while, rough piece of script: Dunno when I can do it. So many things I want to do. So little time -_-
I'm either working too much and not doing enough around the house, not working at all, not working enough, or just any other thing that can be nitpicked.

There's just no pleasing people, bitched at for not having a job, bitched at for having a job and liking it. I guess what I'm getting from this is that I should have a job of little money, harder work than Cyber Security and few hours of a miserable task I hate. Only then will people be happy with me... as I'll be 'on their level, having to deal with things they do.'
Just me again. New haircut, kinda a mess after school and work though. Better one, later.

Filename by TheRebelPhoenix
14680739 10210457904428382 1133941107597360317 N by TheRebelPhoenix
Never did show that I got to meet the director of the NSA, did I? Yeah, I got to meet the top dog and take a picture with him. Hopefully I made a good enough impression for when I apply to the NSA after school... I want to work for them as a hacker in the tailored access operations.


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